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Our Love Story. Ask.
I dropped Jordan off at the airport this morning…

I can’t wait until April 10th to be back in his arms.

Anonymous: How did/do you trust eachother?(:

We have complete trust for one another.
I think the fact that we aren’t just kids helps that a lot. We’ve both been through a lot in life & we had an extremely good, close friendship before we started dating officially.

Anonymous: Did you have to wait 3 years to meet your boyfriend for the first time?(:

We actually met at a concert back in 2010 when he was on tour. But we became great friends over the passed 3 years and started to fall for each other…We had tons of issues stopping us from visiting each other over the years & we chose to make it official when we decided on me moving. :) He asked me to officially be his girlfriend the same day we got his ticket to visit Florida. & it’s been amazing.

spiritual-yogi: That picture you just posted made my day, I'm happy for you:) in the same boat!

Awe! I’m super glad I could make your day!
It’s a safe boat in dangerous waters. But when you hit land everything is fine. 

After 3 years the love of my life finally was able to make it to Florida!

I can’t wait until April 10th, when my plane lands in Phoenix & I get to get comfy in my new home with my baby.<33 I love him so much.

Bringing him to the airport tomorrow morning to say our goodbyes for now is going to suck. But atleast It’s only a few weeks until I’m in his arms again!

haven&#8217;t been able to get on tumblr in a while because it&#8217;s a pain to use through my phone but here is my update! 

Jordan&#8217;s plane lands in Orlando in a little over an hour! I don&#8217;t think I&#8217;ve ever been this excited in my life!
Long Distance Relationship 30 Day Challenge.<3

Day 19: I know there’s not one thing, but choose one of your favourite things to hear her/him say.

Just hearing him even call me his girlfriend feels amazing.

Day 20: Is there something you regret? (either about the relationship, or something you have done)

I almost wish we had made it official sooner but at the same time I’m happy we waited.

Day 21: Give us a little insight (as much as you’re comfortable) on your sex life (either with this person physically, or your general history, or over the phone ha, whatever you want)

We haven’t done anything over the phone or computer. We’re actually waiting until we’re together for any of that.

Long Distance Relationship 30 Day Challenge.<3

Day 15: Favourite love (LDR or not) song?
There is a song he wrote actually that I love & listen to all the time called Never.Forever

Day 16: Favourite love (LDR or not) movie?
I really love the movie Benny & Joon.<3

Day 17: Favourite love (LDR or not) quote?
"When you miss me & you feel alone just hold your hand out & look at the spaces between your fingers & remember those spaces were made for my fingers."

Day 18: Post a picture of the two of you together. (If you don’t have one, post a picture of something you can/could relate to)


Sorry I haven’t been posting.

I’ve been extremely sick for the passed few days & with Jordan coming in 7 days my body it trying to shut down on me & it’s just making me feel so nervous I’ll be miserable when he gets here so I’m sorry I haven’t been on at all. I hope all of my LDR followers are doing great and standing strong.<3

Long Distance Relationship 30 Day Challenge.<333

Day 14: Describe a moment you had with him/her last time you were together. (If you haven’t met, describe how the perfect moment would be)

Well technically we have met but not long enough to make a beautiful moment.

The airport is going to be an amazing moment. The first time we get to cuddle and watch movies…First kiss…All of it.

Long Distance Relationship 30 Day Challenge.<3

Day 13: What do you think is the hardest thing about distance?

Not being able to even touch sucks sometimes. It’s hard when I’m out with my friends & they have their boyfriend/girlfriend with them… I instantly go on couple & start thumbkiss.<3


Haven’t posted much because I’ve been super busy with work & packing aswell as getting ready for Jordan to be here in 12 days!

Long Distance Relationship 30 Day Challenge.<3

Day 12: How would you define love?

Being able to withstand a long distance relationship and stay strong and make your relationship work…That’s love. I see so many relationships die so fast between my friends because they spend so much time together that they truthfully never get to learn anything about eachother…You learn so much about your love when you’re forced to be away from them.

13 days :O

I can’t believe he’ll be here so soon…

Long Distance Relationship 30 Day Challenge.<3

Day 11: Pick one thing you love (I know there are 19238923842039402394 things) and describe it in detail.

I love his smile/laugh.

When we’re on Skype & I’m beginning to fall asleep he’ll just stare at me & smile. It’s one of my absolute favorite things…It’s an amazing thing to have in my recent memory before falling sleep.